Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Favorite Things About Writing

Writing is really easy. It's practically like not working at all.

Writing is particularly rewarding when a non-writer who cannot even compose an email without a thesaurus (and misspelling at least six words) criticizes your work.

Writing is really fun when a vice president stands over you as you type and from time to time puts his greasy fingers on your computer screen.

Writing is interesting when you have to write compelling persuasive marketing copy for a product that is much worse than the competitive offerings.

Writing is such a hoot when you go on Elance and see that somebody is seeking a writer and then says the assignment is "really easy" providing you are "somebody who knows what she is doing." Just like the space shuttle is easy to build if you know what you're doing.

I love to be a writer when somebody looks at 5,000 brilliant words in a draft layout format and throws it on the floor because there is a typo in one of the footnotes. It's particularly rewarding when that person is fat and says, "This is garbage!" in a way that makes drool fly out of his mouth and sounds vaguely like Daffy Duck.

It's a blast to be a writer because at the end of most days you do something that very few people can do in our increasingly illiterate, overstimulated, attention-deficit-riddled society. You articulate coherent thoughts.

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